List of Top Event Management Software to Create Events With Ease

These platforms provide anyone with the tools and feedback necessary to make their next event a success.
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No matter how well you plan your future event, the day will be a dud if you do not get enough people to show up. Whether you create events for social, business, or other purposes, you need to find the best event management software to help you do everything from initial planning to ticket sales. These platforms provide anyone with the tools and feedback necessary to make their next event a success.

The following options are some of the most popular apps on the market today, but they are not all created equal. Explore the possibilities to discover how you can manage tasks, collaborate with other planners, sell tickets online, and more. Your decision depends on so much more than the features offered or the end price. It all comes down to the specific benefits that serve your needs effectively. These can be quite different from one company or organization to the next.


For a simple yet powerful solution that helps you create event tickets and sell them securely, Meeti tops the list. It is absolutely free and you will never be surprised by hidden charges or requirements. Not only can you start to sell tickets online in a very short amount of time with no technical knowledge at all, this platform provides powerful analytics so you know exactly how your event marketing and invitation efforts work.

The entire event planning process from start to finish is taken care of for you in a highly accessible and understandable way. For all the benefits you get with this website, the ticketing and financial aspects of your event will always go smoothly. A comprehensive solution like this one works for many different types of events from very small meetings to large conferences. This is especially helpful if your business or organization offers different types throughout the year. Why shop around for multiple options if you can get everything you need in one place?


With percentage-based ticketing fees and payment processing fees, this premium option is not as budget friendly as others. If you post larger events, the prices can add up relatively quickly, which cuts into your bottom line and the ability to attract talent or speakers or offer extra perks to the people who visit.

It does allow for various ways to create event tickets, point-of-sale scanning for mobile devices, and social media and email capabilities. Features include audience segmentation and integration with Salesforce and Zapier. These extra perks can help if you already use those apps in your event management projects.


This event management software from the United Kingdom focuses largely on advertising events on the website. It only takes a few minutes to set up your event so that you can sell tickets online. Unlike other platforms that provide more personalized experience, you get basically an ad or a page on the site to point your potential event attendees to. Charges include per ticket percentage fees plus VAT. Due to the geographic focus of this platform, it is not the best choice for people who live elsewhere in the world. This limits its usefulness to some degree.


This Internet-based ticket sales platform offers mobile, home printed, or postal delivery for the ticket to create for any kind of event. Customization options are limited. You can include your logo and colors, but no large amount of information. This has one of the higher per-ticket percentages of the different event management software systems mentioned here at 10% for credit card purchases. For the features you get from this company, you may have a hard time justifying the higher price. After all, the more you pay for ticket sales and management, the less you have available for other aspects of the conference, festival, or meeting.


Although this is one of the most popular ways to create event tickets and sell them, it may not be the best option for your special day. There are three different tiers of payment options to choose from depending on the different types of tickets you want to sell. The process has three easy steps: create events with specific information, create event tickets, and publish the event ad so you can market it and get attention.


This event management software does much more than create tickets or post a small ad online that you can market to your target audience. It bills itself as a holistic planning platform. Instead of simply creating an ad or tickets for online and point-of-sale offers, it also helps you create a type of social community of the people involved with event creation and the attendees themselves. This undoubtedly works better for smaller groups such as classes or networking dinners rather than a large event. Rather than a per-ticket charge, there are three tiered plans that includes things like app integration and even website creation.


This platform also gives you the opportunity to create a webpage specific to an event you are holding in the future and opportunities to promote it. If you engage in a lot of online or off-line advertisement, or connect with attendees on social media or your own website, the extra page may not convey everything you wanted to effectively. Ticket creation and sales are included with percentage-based fees and extra credit card processing fees added on to the top. However, they do not charge for free events or ones where you sell tickets at the event only. Credit card processing fees still apply.


This is one of the only event management software platforms that offer monthly plans for regularly scheduled events. While some others have tiered pricing for complete packages, this site bases it off of the number of tickets you will sell every month. For that money, you get a basic box office widget for your website or social media to help you advertise the event, guest contact and management systems, and analytics to track sold tickets and your overall earnings.


Although nonprofit organizations can get discounts, this event management app charges a flat rate for basic and advanced ticketing capabilities. The interface on this website is extremely simple. Just follow the instructions to set up an event page with one or more ticket types, add your logo and pick your favorite colors, and choose the payment processors or credit cards that you accept.

With social media integration, you can track RSVPs easily, but you cannot customize different levels of registration or confirmation emails on this you opt for the more expensive packages. This makes this particular management software program flexible but less than affordable if you have more intense planning or ticket sale needs.


Prices per ticket are quite competitive for this event management software system and are capped at five dollars no matter how many you sell. Of course, credit card processing fees are extra. The way you create tickets for your event takes some understanding of a detailed app that may be confusing for some people. While most companies or professional organizations would have no problem with the options, a school or small group may feel a bit overwhelmed.

You have to input a lot of different information even if it does not pertain to your event specifically. This gives you a lot of options if you need them. Other opportunities to create events that succeed include printed brochures, interactive maps for the event, and attendee access to the event-day schedule and communication portal. This way to sell tickets online seems tailored more toward very large business events and conventions.


With specific information for various types of events from large corporate conferences to festivals and small school specials, this platform seems to cater to a wide variety of needs. The website also operates as a type of ad platform where an entire list of all the events using the piece of software are listed. This gives you somewhere to share information about your plan with your target audience for marketing purposes. However, the specific pages themselves are not very attractive or unique. Instead of per-ticket fees, this system charges large flat rates for different services like attendee agendas, reservations, and branded event apps.

All Events

The focus of this online platform is to share local events with the general public who may want to attend what you have to offer. It is a popular advertising portal people can search their city and the type of event they are looking for. From an event coordinators point of view, it does offer the ability to list your event for free and provides visibility with a more attractive page than some of the other options here. After you create your event page, you can activate ticket sales, and track with real-time analytics to get the clearest picture of how many you have sold.


This event management software offers many of the same benefits as other platforms. You can create an event, sell tickets online, and form communities based on the event or organization running it. This site offers something extra that may not be required by many event planners, however. They also have systems in place for collecting donations, crowdfunding, and community building for collaborative efforts online. While an account is free, the flat rate for ticket sales and community memberships can cost quite a bit depending on how many people get involved.

Ultimately, the decision about what event management software to use for your next corporate, nonprofit, school, entertainment, or social event depends on its specific needs. Unless you need some of the more unusual capabilities offered by only one or two of the platforms, your choices come down mostly to dependability and budget. All other things being equal, why not opt for a free or very low-cost solution instead of one that costs so much more? After all, the less you pay per ticket, the more you will earn off the event itself. This allows you to increase profits and success and also deliver a better-quality event next time.

When you want to create event tickets, you need an easy to use program that integrates both online platform building and sales with mobile capabilities. You want more than just another block ad on an event database. You need so much more than the type of ticket sales you can do at the door of the venue. Combining all the best features together makes it possible to create events that attract the right type of attention and make it easy for people to sign up, get involved, and enjoy themselves. That is how you succeed with any type of event and increase your chances of succeeding in the future.

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