How to Plan a College Party Your Friends Will Never Forget

If you have a bunch of fun-loving friends, you do not have to make a highly detailed plan

Some people think the best college party is just a lot of beer, friendly people, and not caring about what gets broken or dirty. However, if you want to transcend this cliché and create an event that is truly memorable for all the right reasons, take some time to organize and get the help of a free online event planner system like Meeti. These things will transform just another Friday night into an event people will talk about for years to come – or at least until you throw the next college party your friends will never forget.

Come Up With the Right Place and Time

If you want a lot of people to show up and have an amazing time, you need to plan your college party more than just saying “Come to Jack’s dorm room at 8 PM!” Whether you have access to a Greek organization house or need to find a different venue, pick one that has enough room for overflow crowds without compromising safety or rules at your school. Also, when choosing a time for the party to start, also choose when it will end. This helps you maintain control so nobody ends up calling the cops with a noise complaint at 4 AM.

Choose a Purpose or Theme

If you have a bunch of fun-loving friends, you do not have to make a highly detailed plan about what will happen at the party. However, if you have some scheduled event or theme, more people will want to come. Some great ideas for college party plans include:

  • A dance party complete with DJ or local bands
  • Cards or board game night
  • Binge-watching movies with popcorn and theater seating
  • Seems like medieval times, cartoon cosplay, or school spirit

Keep Things Safe

Even if you do not plan to have alcohol at your college party, some outside influences may come in and introduce things like this to your planned event. If you want to stay in control, check IDs at the door. Ask about designated drivers, provide your own, or get in touch with a college organization that provide safe rides to students. Agree with the other party organizers that you will call security or the local police if anything gets out of hand.

Get the Word Out and Attract Party Goers

Once you have everything in place for the most memorable college party of the year, you need to find the best way to attract attention. After all, what is a party without people? Some of the more common ways to invite guests include social media and word-of-mouth. You could send official invitations for more select parties, but that usually does not suit the college party vibe.

One of the easiest ways to get people excited about your party is using an online event planning and ticket sales platform like Meeti. You can get started for free, create your event invitation page, and track who RSVPs in real time. Take control of your college party and make sure all the right people are going to show up for whatever events you have planned. The analytics even help you determine if you bought enough soda and chips.

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