Top Trends for the Event Planning Industry in 2020 and Beyond

If you want them to come to purchase a ticket to attend an event, you must make the experience worth their while.

As the new year begins, the event planning industry explodes with new ideas and innovations for future trade shows, conferences, and more. The buzzwords that surround the best practices moving forward focus on technology, virtual space, interactivity, security, and environmental consciousness. While these do not cover everything you need to watch if you are responsible for planning an exceptional event or want to sell tickets online, they do provide a strong framework for your efforts moving forward.

Add Value and Accessibility for Event Planning

The end goal of any event is to attract the maximum number of specifically targeted audience members, sell tickets, encourage attendance, and provide exceptional value for everyone to further the presenters’ interests and help them reach their goals. Whether your primary responsibility is to get members of the public or specific business niches in the door or to create an event that they want to attend, pay attention to future trends will help.

How Technology Serves the Event Industry

Digitalization, data-driven planning, artificial intelligence for information analysis, and high-tech experiences using virtual or augmented reality all contribute to the new modern look of professional events in 2020 and beyond. Within these established and emergent types of technology lies a solution to any event question across industries.

If you want to sell tickets online for free and still get an excellent response, for example, you must have the most robust data collection methods and an AI system in place to translate that data into actionable plans that maximize your marketing reach prior to the event in question. If you want to wow visitors to a trade show or conference, using VR displays allows a new type of impressive experience that they will not forget.

A Push for More Personal Interactivity

Despite the increasingly digitalized world and the amazing advancements in technology, event planning needs to hold on to the types of unique, in-person connections that people attend for. Anyone can read content or view media from the comfort of their own office or home. If you want them to come to purchase a ticket to attend an event, you must make the experience worth their while.

Modern conventions and industry events include live events that go beyond an expert giving a speech or a company representative demonstrating a product. Increased interaction, personalization, and even gamification at fun and a sense of value to every participant.

Security and Sustainability Top the Lists

Two words that can boost the efficacy of any marketing campaign, event planning process, service or product are security and sustainability. The matter what industries or niches you intend to focus on at the event, more people respond favorably if you ensure physical, digital, and informational security. Marketing as an Eco-friendly, green, and diverse event also makes a difference. The overall benefits of these trends will never disappear and will only become more important over time as an increasing number of people understand their importance for the world large. Organizing any type of large-scale event should include both of them.

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