How to Write a Compelling Proposal Soliciting Sponsorship for an Event

Don’t let funding stop you from achieving your dreams...
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Planning an amazing event costs money. But don’t let funding stop you from achieving your dreams. If you do not have access to the funds you need to plan an event, there is something you can do to get financial support. You can get sponsors for your event.

Finding sponsors can be quite tasking, but you should look for brands or investors who have similar interests with the theme of your event. After identifying potential sponsors for your event, you need to send a proposal.

Please note that these brands or investors receive hundreds of proposals similar to yours every week. Many people are trying to get them to support their events or business with funds. To get the attention of sponsors and possibly seal a good deal for the sponsorship of your planned event, you need to write a compelling proposal that will convince them to give you what you need.

I have identified some tips to help you write the best proposal that can convince investors and brands to sponsor your event.

Advantages of having a sponsor for your event

Having a sponsor makes the whole event planning experience much easier. You will have all the funds you need to create the experience your audience expect when they buy your tickets. The hype created online through adverts about your event must be the same or more exciting on the big day.

With the backing of sponsors, there will be no need to cut costs. You can choose the best and high-quality for everything including the venue for the event, vendors, food, and other attractions at your event.

You will also have the funds to launch and manage an effective media campaign to reach a wider audience and to ensure that you can sell tickets online without stress.

Here are my best tips to write a compelling sponsorship proposal

Identify your needs

Before writing a proposal for sponsorship, it is best to identify all your needs. You can create a list for this, please take time to go over your list after writing. You can have the list scrutinized by other people, your mentors or planning team, to ensure that all requirements for your event have been included.

Having a good knowledge of your needs will help you cover the essential points in your proposal.

What value can you offer to sponsors?

Every investor will be thrilled at the opportunity to gain, in some way, from your event. If you can identify a way to boost your sponsors business or give them some value through your event, you stand a better chance of getting the funds you need. For example, an event that will attract an audience within the age bracket of the target market for an alcoholic beverage will convince the brand to get involved. They can leverage the event as an opportunity to give more people a chance to taste and enjoy the drink, possibly converting them into loyal customers.

Your value proposition must be appropriately highlighted in the proposal using the simplest forms of expression. This will make it easy for your message to be understood and considered.

Explain how you plan to manage funds

Think about it, investors will consider giving you the requested funds when they are convinced that you have a good plan to properly manage and maximize the funds to make your event successful. For example, ticket sales can become a disaster if you do not have a good system to sell and secure the income from ticket sales.

There are smart apps such as Meeti that you can use to sell tickets online. With Meeti, you can schedule ticket sales online, and manage the entire process easily. Selling tickets online with the Meeti App also gives you more control over the income from ticket sales because you get paid directly.

When your investors are convinced that the income from your event will be secured, they feel more confident in providing the financial support you have requested in your proposal.

Add visual content to your proposal

You can make the proposal you send out to potential sponsors more engaging by adding visual content. This can be pictures or short video clips from previous events you have planned. The use of visual content in your proposal can be leveraged to illustrate some of the new features you plan to introduce during the next event.

In conclusion, you need to be persuasive when writing a proposal for sponsorship. Highlight the value you are offering sponsors and how you can use the funds to make your event more successful and profitable for everyone involved.

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