10 Brilliant Event Ideas for College Students
Don't get scared if your event ideas suddenly become the 'biggest thing' on campus.
If you have a passion for event planning, I know ten brilliant event ideas that you can organize while in college. It is never too early to start getting experience as an event planner. What's more, you have an audience in college; your fellow students will be delighted to have a fun break from their studies.

The event ideas I have written in this article are easy to achieve if you are focused, so make a choice and start planning. There are new students who will be delighted to attend these events and connect with others.

Organize TEDx talks on Campus

There is always an audience for TED talks on campus, and the topic options you have are unlimited, so you can make it a regular campus event. Thankfully, the organizers of TED talks are always willing to support the program on campuses because that is where it started. So, visit the website and find out the information you need to get started.

Start a fiction writing competition

Give the upcoming writers a chance to test their skills at fiction writing. You can make it an open event for everyone who is interested in writing. Some college professors may also be interested in being the judges to determine winners at the event.

Organize local community service

Many college students may already be doing things such as cleaning up their environment, advocating greener methods of living, and other environmentally friendly practices. These students will be delighted to be a part of an organized group who regularly engage in awareness campaigns about keeping the environment clean and safe for people and animals. Your events can be about creating awareness regarding environmentally friendly practices, cleaning up the college environment, the beach and streets, setting a good example for the others to follow.

Start a Campaign to encourage the consumption of organic foods

There is so much publicity about eating healthy meals and the need to choose organic foods over others. Many college students are willing to try it but may have not had the opportunity on campus. You can organize a mini-market on campus where farmers near the college can bring their products to sell. This is an idea that should get much support from the college administration and huge patronage from students.

Organize creative contests for students

This will be a fun event. There are many students who have creative hobbies, such as making short videos with smartphones, creating themes, mobile wallpapers, or Memes online. You can create a contest for this group of students. For example, start a contest for short videos with the most creative theme; this can be done easily with a smartphone and good editing. This is another campus event idea that can become a regular thing and eventually your brand, so give it all you have.

Organize creative handcraft classes

Many of the things we discard such as old picture frames, fashion accessories, and home décor can be creatively redesigned and used again. Handcraft is a thriving business online; you can find amazing pieces for sale on websites such as Etsy and Instagram. This event will teach college students how to creatively restore or redesign different things that can be sold or used in their dorms.

Arrange cooking lessons for students

This event should be fun for all participants. This is what you can do to get started; find the common quick and affordable meals that can be quickly cooked on campus and organize an event to teach students how to cook these meals. You will be helping the participants save funds by cooking more meals instead of eating at restaurants in the college.

Organize a mentorship program for students

The freshman batch comes into the college with little idea of how to survive in the new environment. Don't allow them to learn from experiences which may not be too good. It is better if they have a mentor to guide them. Your mentorship program can pair new students with seniors who will show them how the college system operates.

Start college music festivals

Give local and upcoming bands a chance to perform before a crowd of college students. This is going to be a fun experience and a chance to unwind after long hours of studying. Turn it up a notch by inviting food and drink vendors for more entertainment while the music bands perform. This can become a regular event at your college.

Start a fitness club

It doesn't have to be about bodybuilding, you can focus on physical activities to help students stay active and control their weight. You can organize aerobics in the mornings, runs and hikes through trails on campus. Students will like this, it is a chance to exercise and connect with other students. Without such events, many students won't bother about exercising, so you will be doing a good thing in the college community.

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