How to increase Engagement at Your Event

Here are some advantages of engaging your audience during the event

It will be great if your event trends on social media for many days after the show is over. This can happen when the people who attended your event were fully engaged and entertained. Having a great time at an event makes it easy to attend the next show when it happens.

If you can thrill your audience enough, you are on your way to creating a brand and repeating the performance will be easier. Here are some advantages of engaging your audience during the event

Sell out tickets for the next show

If you make your guests very happy at the event, they will be delighted to buy your ticketsfor the next show. So get prepared to choose a much larger venue and create much more tickets to meet the demand.


You can get more reputable sponsors after the success of your first event during which the crowd was thrilled. More sponsors for your event means you will have access to funds that can be used to achieve even greater things during the next event.

Earn more profits

While this may not be your primary goal, organizing a successful event will make you very rich, and have the funds to maintain the high standards you have set for the event.

So, let’s discuss how you can engage your audience and keep them thrilled;

Find out their interests

The first thing you need to do is identify the things you can do to keep the audience engaged. You don’t need to guess, find out their real interests. To get this information, you can create a poll on social media, or even better, get a social media influencer to create a poll for you. This can be done on social media apps such as Twitter. Polls can reveal so much information about your audience, and you can leverage this information to ensure they are engaged from the start of your event until the show ends. Considering a large number of social media users, you can rely on the poll results for factual information.

Alternatively, you can conduct a survey which involves the use of questionnaires. This is different from a poll where the audience selects an option from a list of choices; surveys can encourage your audience to provide Yes/No answers about the event.

Use a mobile app to track engagement

Mobile and Desktop apps such as Meeti can be used to handle all your ticketing tasks for the event and also monitor the performance of your event. The Meeti app has features that allow you to track analytics in real-time to know how the audience is interacting with your content during the event. These smart apps are reliable, and you can get vital information in a few minutes. With this information, quick steps can be taken to make amends when necessary or focus on what is working to keep your audience engaged throughout the event.

Create a hashtag for the event on social media

The social media users love the hashtag for trending news and event information. The hashtag is a symbol placed before a set of keywords on social media. Hashtags are used to make information go viral on social media platforms, and this can happen in seconds. You can create hashtags on platforms such as Twitter and monitor the engagement with the tag. Twitter shows how many times users have interacted with your hashtag; you can also spend some time to read the feed for the hashtag. You will find helpful information to know what your audience expects, and if they are experiencing any problems regarding preparations for the event.

Organize competitions

You can make your content for the event go viral by offering the public a chance to win freebies by participating in a competition related to the event. You could choose to use a quiz or other tasks related to the event. Competitions are engaging, but you have to make it interesting. Study your audience, find out what they will find interesting, and invite everyone to participate in your competition. You can create more awareness by offering exciting rewards.

Invite creative guests

If you have brilliant speakers or MCs to coordinate the flow of your event, your guests will have a great time. You can also consider inviting some creative comedians who can come on the stage often to make everyone laugh. Good speakers are excellent when it comes to engaging an audience. They can keep the audience spellbound with narratives and engaging stories.

However, if it is a musical show, you have to invite the best performers who already have hit tracks that the audience love.

Here’s the thing, there is no straightforward path to creating an engaging environment for your audience. What works for one event may not work for another, so it is best to avoid coping strategies. Instead, focus on discovering what makes your audience tick.

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