Choosing a Venue for your Event

Majority of your decisions when selecting the best venue for your event will depend on the guests you have attended

Are you having trouble choosing a venue for your event? No worries, it happens all the time, we would think that having many options makes it easier, but there are many more things to consider when choosing an event venue.

At the center of it all is your guests. Without the people who plan to attend, there will be no event. Majority of your decisions when selecting the best venue for your event will depend on the guests you have attended. I have made it easy for you by researching and writing some of the best tips you can use to choose the best venue for your event.

First, allow me to drop some tips about searching for a venue;

Use the internet

You can find the best venues for your event by using apps such as Google search. The maps on this app show the venues for events in and around your preferred location. When you find this information write a list to work with while considering other factors.

Check the classified ads page

There should be dozens of classified ads for event venues online; all you need to do is find a website that offers classified ads and browse the options. Please make notes while you are at it, write down the address of these venues and the location. This information will help you when making a final selection.

Online apps

There are apps designed to advertise venues for events; these ads are usually combined with ads for restaurants or places of attraction in your city. So you may need to enter a keyword in the search tab to find the best venues for events in your preferred location.

When you have written a list of some good venues that you can use, it is time to choose the best match for your event. Consider the following tips for this part of your quest;

Check the location

The location is very important. You know where your target audience stays, and it is a good idea to select a venue for your event that is strategically positioned close to your target audience. I consider location as one of the first factors to consider when you need to reduce the number of venue options on your list.

Another thing to note about the location is the safety of the environment. Your guests need to feel safe during the event. Find out about the location, is it a safe area? Can VIP guests feel safe while at your event? You need to know this information because your guests will do their research as well; if they find out the location is prone to criminal activities, they will send excuses and avoid attending your event. You don’t want this to happen.

Date availability

So many other event marketers are searching for the best venues as well, before deciding on a venue, contact the management to know if the place will is free on the date of your event. Keep checking other options if your event date has been booked by another client, or proceed to get more information about the venue if it is free.

Sitting capacity

If you have found a venue that is available on your chosen event date, ask about the sitting capacity. It would be best if you had a venue that can accommodate your guests with enough room left to move around freely.

Parking space for cars

Many events start behind schedule because the guests who have arrived are outside searching for a good place to park their cars. This is a situation to avoid. A good venue should have adequate parking space; however, if the options on your list have very small parking areas that cannot accommodate your guest, you will have to keep searching for a better venue.

If your event is a classy affair with many VIP guests expected to attend, please find out if the venue offers valet services. If they don’t have valet and you like the venue, there are vendors who can provide valet services to give your guests a special welcome when they arrive.

Onsite facilities

It is important that the facilities at the venue such as restrooms, kitchen or changing rooms are in excellent condition. You may also want to confirm that guest who needs to smoke can find a smoking arena at the venue. It is also important to check the cooling or heating system at the venue, get an assurance that the system works.


It is important that there are ramps for older adults and people with special needs to get into the venue easily. These ramps must be positioned close to the entrance.

Cost of renting the venue

Lastly, the cost will determine your selection. Please stick to your budget; there are many options regarding venues around, you can try narrowing your search to options within your budget.

While going through the hassles of choosing a good venue for your event, you can avoid the stress of ticketing by using the best mobile apps to schedule events and sell tickets. With these apps, you can plan, monitor and promote your event and at the same time get paid in full after ticket sales.

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  • Mindy Jollie

    July 29, 2019

    I like what you said about making sure that you have a large enough sitting capacity at the venue for the event. I will probably have to plan a work party next month. I’ll have to make sure to find an event venue that has the seating and other things that I need.

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