How to Use Event Discount and Promotion Codes

Most of the wins you can experience as an event manager will be possible when you use smart ideas...

Working as an event manager is an interesting job; the feeling you get after a successful event is wonderful and encouraging to take on bigger tasks. However, most of the wins you can experience as an event manager will be possible when you use smart ideas such as using discount and promotion codes to sell out tickets for your events.

What are event discount and promo codes?

The primary responsibility of an event marketer is to create more awareness about an upcoming event. You want all your seats sold out and an impressive attendance. Event discount and promo codes are incentives offered to the target audience for an event to encourage ticket sales and attendance.

The discount and promo codes for events can be used in different ways, and you can choose a selected group of guests to focus on, let’s discuss the different reasons this marketing strategy is used in business.

Breaking into a new industry

There’s hardly an industry that has not been saturated with big and small stakeholders, however, it is possible for new start-ups to break into an already existing industry and still make an impact. It is easier to get more people interested in your new products by using promo codes to encourage sales. And if they like the product, you have a new customer.

Make more profit

You can increase income from events or a sales campaign by using promo codes. These codes allow the target market to pay less for an event, and selling out tickets translates to more profits for the event organizers.

Establish a brand

You can make your event a weekly or monthly affair that always sells out by getting a regular audience who buy tickets. Soon the word will be out, and everyone knows about the event. That’s more than half of your marketing job done.

Here are some tips on how to use event discount and promo codes;

Last minute sales promotions

Imagine an event scheduled to hold in two days but the tickets have not been sold out and there is low demand, event codes can be offered to your audience as an encouragement to sell all the tickets. To get this done, you will need to create a viral campaign, probably on social media to get the word out to your audience who will take advantage of the lower ticket prices.

Early bird ticket sales

This is a concept that rewards people who buy tickets for events very early. Event tickets are commonly released to the public a few months before the event date. The early bird sales start immediately tickets are released, and it lasts for a few weeks. People who buy tickets during this window can enjoy discounted rates for the event tickets. This is a win-win strategy, many people wait for early bird ticket sales to enjoy the discount, and the event organizers sell more tickets this way.

Partnership discounts

Another way to get more tickets sold is by partnering with social media influencers to make the event go viral. In return, you can offer the influencer a lower price for the event tickets. Please note that sometimes the deal may be to offer free tickets to the influencer who helps to make your event go viral.

Free VIP promotion codes

VIPs are invited to events because they can motivate more people to attend the event. Imagine how much tickets can be sold if an A-List star sends a Tweet that they are going to be at that event. However, the VIPs you have invited need to be registered for the event. The free VIP promotion codes are used by the celebrity guest to register for the event. You can confirm the registration and confidently inform your audience that the VIP will be in attendance once their registration is confirmed.

Public holiday discounts

On public holidays, most people like to relax and have a good time; you can attract a larger crowd to your event by advertising your special ticket discounts for events on public holidays. Here’s a tip, you can create an urgency to buy your tickets by informing your audience that the discounted tickets will only be available for a short period.

Group promo codes

This event promotion strategy targets groups of friends and family who are interested in attending an event together. The group promo codes can be used for group registration for the event at a lower price. More tickets are sold, and you still make a profit. Group promo codes can also be used by organizations that need their employees to attend an event.

So which method do you think will work best for your event? Whichever option you choose, it helps to have a competent platform for event ticket sales and management. There are excellent apps that can be used to sell tickets and manage your guest list. This way, you sell more your tickets without paying anyone a commission on sales.

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