How to Write Eye-Catching Event Descriptions

Before you get started, there are some things to consider, grab a pen and paper for this...

The average person sees more than a dozen advertisements for events every day, each post describing the show and why they should attend the event. However, it is quite impossible to attend all these events, so there is a choice to be made.

What can you do to make your audience decide to attend your event instead of another show that offers a similar experience? The secret to getting your audience interested and willing to attend your event is how you write the event description.

Writing is an easy task for many people, but drafting a compelling event description is quite different because you need a copy that can sell tickets. Event descriptions are so important; even the highly anticipated shows can lose value in ticket sales and attendance if they fail to write the best event descriptions.

In this article, I will be writing about the steps and things to consider before and while you write your event description. Continue reading to know how to get the media buzzing about your event because you have written a compelling event description.

The best event descriptions increase the chances of your event becoming a viral trend on social media; this is a good thing. If you can get details of your event to trend online, the publicity will earn you more traffic to your event page and help you sell tickets.

The social media is so vast; there are excellent platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others that can get the word about your event out there in a few minutes. You can achieve this with the best digital marketing strategies; however, when your event details get on the social media, there has to be an exciting event description to make your audience decide to attend the event.

Before you get started, there are some things to consider, grab a pen and paper for this;

What is the event about?

Why have you decided to organize this event, and what are you planning to achieve? The description you write for your event needs to address these areas clearly to help your readers understand the purpose of your event.

Who will be at your event?

If you are organizing a musical performance, talk show, or other events, you should include information about your guests while writing the event description. This part must be written in a compelling way to get your audience excited.

What activities have you planned for the event?

Details of all the activities you plan to organize during the event will also help you identify the information your audience needs to know when they read your event description.

What excites your audience?

Before you start writing a description for your event, you should identify the things that make your audience feel excited when it comes to events like yours. If you can identify what your audience wants, it will be easier to select aspects of your event that match this need and highlight the benefits in your event description.

Start with a catchy title

You want to sell tickets, using a catchy title for your event description can encourage your audience to read the content long enough to get your message. Your title should summarize the benefits that everyone who attends your event can gain.

Don’t be too hasty with your title, feel free to write a few of them and make a final selection after writing and proofreading the content.

Start with a summary

Why should people attend your event? The answer to this question should be creatively written in your opening paragraph as a summary. Please keep it short but informative. You have one chance to sell your event with this paragraph; what you write in this summary will determine whether your audience will continue reading to know more about your event.

Add pictures

Pictures work like magic when writing event descriptions. With the right pictures, you can catch the attention of your audience and make them curious about the event. However, ensure your pictures are directly related to your event.

The content

For the content, you can use catchy bullet points and short sentences. The idea is to pass your message quickly and comprehensively. Bullet points make it easy for your audience to get the message in seconds; we all know readers have a short attention span, so every sentence is important.

Also, it is best to be direct with your information. Briefly describe what you have planned and what the audience should expect when they attend your event.

Who are your special guests?

If you have invited top celebrities or scholars for the event, make it known in your event description. With brief sentences mention the names and what they can offer to people who attend your event.


You can conclude your event description with a link for people who want to find more information about the event, venue, time, and date as well as the fees for your event.

Get your event pages buzzing with traffic by doing some digital marketing for your event. And always use smart Apps such as Meeti to avoid the stress of ticketing. Meeti offers you a chance to create events and sell tickets conveniently (not only), through a platform that can be accessed by your entire audience.

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