Why You Should Use QR Codes For Your Event

If the audience needs more information, they can scan a QR code you have added

Stressful aspects of event management can be handled with the use of smart online tools such as the QR code. The fantastic thing about this innovative option is that it is free to get QR codes for your events.

What are QR codes?

Many years ago all we had were bar codes which you see on product containers, magazines or books. Now we have images instead of the bar codes; these are QR codes. They offer direct links you can use to access information quickly by scanning the code.

To use a QR code, some things are required. First, you need a smartphone that has a camera and internet connection. There should also be relevant information linked to your QR code, which can be accessed by anyone who scans the code.

This is how it works; event managers have restrictions regarding the amount of information that can be added to an advert for their events. They need to communicate essential details of the event with short sentences and catchy pictures. This content may not be enough considering the limited space on advertising materials.

If the audience needs more information, they can scan a QR code you have added to the advertisement for your event. The QR code directs traffic to your event pages where your audience can find much more information about the event.

That’s not all; QR codes can be used in different ways for event ticketing and much more.

Here are some reasons you should consider using QR codes for your events;

Almost everyone has a smartphone with an internet connection

The use of smartphones for scanning QR codes is a huge advantage. Certainly, a large part of your audience has smartphones, this means adverts for your events on the bus, in magazines, or flyers shared around can feature your QR code. Everyone who sees this content can easily scan the code to find out more information about your event.

Illustrative advertising for events

If your best option to reach an identified audience is the use of vivid and attractive pictures or illustrations on your Ads, you can do this regardless of the limited space on the poster or flyer. With catchy titles and exciting pictures, you can help your audience easily decide to attend your event. And since the space on your Ads has been taken up by the pictures, your audience can scan the QR code to find more information about the event.

QR codes are versatile

You can use QR codes to help your audience find information and answers about your event in many ways. The code can even be linked to your customer support system online to help everyone find answers in real time. QR codes can also be used for giveaways during the event; people who win your contests can scan the code to redeem gifts.

QR codes can be generated easily

It takes a few seconds to get a QR code for your event. Just google “QR Code generator” to find it. This code can be printed on all your marketing materials to spread the word about your event even if you decide to use large or small format printing for your marketing materials such as billboards and flyers.

It encourages action

Everyone who sees a QR code on advertisement materials is compelled to act and scan the code. Fortunately, a large percentage of your audience will scan QR codes to know more about the event and find details about event ticketing if they decide to attend.

More website traffic

You can achieve higher conversion rates during event management by adding QR codes to advertising content for your event. People who visit your event pages after scanning QR codes will feel more confident in buying tickets for the event after reading the exciting event description you have posted online.

Track attendance

It is easy to track attendance if you generate QR codes for everyone who buys a ticket. Each guest has unique QR codes that can be used during check in for the event. This is important data that can be used to evaluate revenue generated during the event and for future projections when you need to plan another event. And you can easily generate it on your ticket using Meeti platform

How to create QR codes for your event

You can create many QR codes for your event in minutes. First, you need to copy the URL of the event page you want your audience to see when they scan the QR code for your event. The URL should be shortened; you can do this with an online tool.

To add a QR code simply enter .qr at the end of the URL you have shortened. A QR code will be generated on your screen. Next, print out your new QR code and scan it on the marketing materials for your event.

It gets even better, with Apps like Meeti; you can create tickets for your event and QR codes will be automatically added to the ticket for free. You can also create your event and a separate page for it to sell and promote it. So take advantage of these smart tools to have a better event management experience.

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