How to Plan a Best Party: Choose a Theme

No problem, if you are having difficulty in choosing the right idea or come up with an innovative concept.

It’s Party Time!   

An appealing theme can inject a little extra to excitement into your parties. Your honorable guests’ buildup keenness by planning beautiful outfits, and while you as a host, decorate, and come up with exciting games, delicious food, and specialty cocktails that fit your theme. No matter the reason for the great celebration, deciding to throw a theme party could feel an easy part, but deciding on a party theme could be challenging and stressful. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a specific theme party in your mind, we will help you know how to plan the best party by choosing the right theme.

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  • Focus on Guests:

Before planning on a party theme, you need to consider who is going to join you at the celebration; means write down a person’s age and gender. You need to think about what they will enjoy and about their interest. For instance, if your friends have just got engaged, then you can go for something fun and funky. Remember, you have a lot of options to choose from, but again it depends on what’ll your guests enjoy. Whether formal, classic or black and white theme, make it sure guests enjoy it, and can have costumes accordingly.

  • Consider food:

If you have been brainstorming a party for a while, and you have some delicious dishes in mind, but don’t know anything about the theme, simply build your concept of the party around the food you have to think of. Yes, think about what the food have in common, and how you can relate them with your central part theme. Trust us; it would be more fun.

For example, if you have been planning to attack fruit-covered fusion nachos, then you need considering your whole party into a Cinco de Mayo theme. Just brainstorm, and you can have a lot of ideas.

  • Pick Something Personal:

Many event coordinators start their planning by asking their clients about their interests, and what they love the most. It’s a good idea for the event planners to decide on what their clients are going to enjoy the most. Your first approach should be to ask your clients, what they like, what they want in the party, or what special they have in their minds, it works to throw personalized theme parties.

For instance, if the party is your newborn, then the theme could be around pink or blue balloons, flowers, photos/videos, etc. Similarly, it’s for someone’s graduation celebration, and the graduate loves techno music, the theme can be personalized with a DJ-and-dance-themed.

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  • Consider the details:

Most people don’t consider the minor details of a theme and just go for it before thinking it all the through. However, taking start with a large topic is, no doubt a good beginning. You want to break every detail down into actionable steps afore you start setting up anything. Maybe it wouldn’t be a fun thing, but it can help you in a better way.

  • Reality Check:

Many time created ideas can badly fail to be more realistic, and may need more than the amount set to be spent. For this, always consider the necessary factors like how much money, time, and energy is going to spend to achieve a perfect theme for a party. Below are some of the factors you need to consider when planning your theme party.

  • Time

The time taken to plan your party should be a few days at most. If you want something simple for your party, it should probably take several days. However, considering several weeks will likely lead to more complications.

Time counts! You need to carefully choose a theme by keeping in mind the time required for planning and arranging it. If you want to go for a simple theme party, then it would take several days, and if something complicated is floating on your mind, then ready for a couple of weeks.

  • Energy

Energy always keeps your brain capacity in play. If you think you are an impatient and highly over-committed person, then you likely choose a much simpler concept theme.

  • Decide on a budget:

Budget matters! If you are an event planner, then always ask your clients about the budget before theme planning. However, if you are an individual who wants to surprise everyone in the home by throwing an exciting party to celebrate New Year, then go for DIY projects, this way you might be able to save a lot of money. If you go for pre-made decorations, then due to less experience we guarantee it would cost you a lot. So make sure you compare the cost of DIY with the store-bought decor and then decide.

  • Choose something that’s on trend:

One of the best and latent sources for a party theme idea is to look at what’s prevalent while you are just planning for the event. Maybe that could be a famous Hollywood film which is right now breaking box office record or a perfect color scheme, straight off the catwalk. Choosing on the latest theme trend will make sure your event will be set-up perfectly and up-to-date.

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  • Seasonal is simple!

Yes, depending on what time of the year, you are planning the event, it may be possible to link it with the reason. For example, if Christmas is after a month, you can go for a Santa theme, similarly, if Halloween is on its way, maybe you can go for a bit scary theme. However, you could also go for a summer garden party. The choice is yours!

  • Use traditional methods if you are not sure:

No problem, if you are having difficulty in choosing the right idea or come up with an innovative concept. Don’t stress out and simply go for traditional party themes; you can be turned into a great idea. For example, you can choose a Hollywood glamour theme, a colorful fiesta, or maybe a James Bond theme; whatever you decide, your primary objective is to have fun, and yes more fun. For this, it’s necessary to make your party plans according to your best interests.

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  • Kristofer Van Wagner

    March 30, 2020

    I appreciate that this article highlighted that it takes several weeks when planning a party for an upscale party. With time being very important and valuable for any event, I totally agree that choosing a theme earlier on is essential in ensuring the planning and arranging of the whole event go off without a hitch. My sister is planning to get married next summer and considering her lavish theme, I will remind her to take her time planning the event with the wedding planner.

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