Amazing Ideas to adopt for an American-Themed Party

Popular belief that you can throw a themed party better than an American college student.
american themed party

There is a popular belief that you can throw a themed party better than an American college student. I for one personally feel this is a misconception. Truth be told these kids do know how to have a good time but are the best at it? That notion is open to debate. Anyone can throw an amazing themed party, all you need are some very good ideas and tips.

If you are reading this it means you are in the right place. In this post, we will be taking a look at some amazing ideas that you can adopt if you are looking to throw an American-themed party. There are several components that must come together to make an amazing party and to ensure all these pieces fit together. I strongly recommend that you get your party planning app out and take note of some of the ideas I am about to dish out. A perfect American themed party isn’t a party if there are no food, music and lovely decorations. These components must incorporate up fundamental conceptions of how it is done in America. So without much ado let’s get right to it.

Decorative Themes

American themed decorations.

Most American-themed party decorations are typically composed of the colors of the American flag which are red, blue and white. These color can be applied from the ceiling to other parts of the venue like the tables, chairs, and hallways. It is highly recommended that you make this color palette the basic feature of your event. Another common feature at American-themed parties and events are the red cups. If you are hosting an outdoor party, a hay bale is a great idea to use as seats for your guests. Posters of popular American monument like the Empire State Building also serves to enhance the theme of your party, giving it an American look and feel.

Snacks and dishes

Barbecued Meat

Food is an essential part of a party, and the kind of dishes served is also a representation of the party’s theme. Ideally, an American-themed party would also require food options that is a representation of the American lifestyle. In this regard, barbecued meat is a reoccurring feature and a main dish usually served at American parties. To prepare barbecue meat you would require an outdoor grill. Barbecue meat can be served either as a hot dog or as a hamburger with baked beans, green beans, mashed potatoes or corn on the cob to go with it as side dishes. Some prefer to use salsa, biscuits with butter, coleslaw, tortilla chips and popcorn as side dishes. Options for desert for an American themed party includes funnel cakes, chocolate chip cookies, peach cobbler to mention a few. An ice-cold lemonade will do just fine as an ideal beverage.

Musical Choices

DJ playing country-western music

The ideal choice of music for an American-themed party usually involves musical genres and tunes that take party days back to the good old days of classic American musical genres such as Jazz which originated from America. Song from top record label Motown music, country-western, and hip-hop. Other American songs that can get party guest to put on their dancing shoes and get on their feet include songs like “Born in the U.S.A” by Bruce Springsteen or “Living in America” by James Brown. Some other examples of evergreen American songs include “American Pie” by Don Maclean and “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie. These songs are sure to liven the mood once they are sent through the speakers.

Dress Codes

For costume ideas and dress codes for an American-themed party most guest would go with the Uncle Sam costume which is a simple blue jacket on white pants, and a top hat, add that to a white beard and you have a classical American lad. Other might want to adopt the Statue of Liberty costume. Other inspiration for dress code and costume include dressing up like past American presidents such as Abraham Lincoln by dressing up in a black suit with a stove-pipe hat. For ladies their perfect look would be to dress up like Marilyn Monroe in an all-white blouse and a blonde wig. For men who don’t want to go down the Lincoln and Uncle Sam route, the cowboy looks with jeans, flannel, cowboy hats, and leather boots gives more of a casual appearance.

Games and Activities

Games that test your knowledge of American History are always a good starting point. Games that would require guests to name the 50 states in America or sing songs such as “God bless America” or “The Star-Spangled Banner” is usually a good way to go. Also ensure prices are awarded to winners who get the answers right. You could also decide to play movies that reflect American culture and highlight patriotism on a projector. Some films that come to mind are “Lincoln” and “The Patriot”. These movies explore iconic events that make up American history such as the U.S Civil War and the Revolutionary War. Another family-oriented movie that also chronicles classical American event is the “Forrest Gump”. Guest can also be kept engaged by teaching them classic American dance moves like the square or the swing, or even hip-hop dancing. 

Now we have a fairly good idea of how to plan our next party. I strongly recommend you begin to act on the ideas highlighted above. At this time, there are loads of free scheduling and event planning apps on the internet a quick search and you are presented with options, though only Meeti can give you everything in one place and totally free. Sign up now and check it yourself.

This is wishing you best of luck as you plan your next event, I do hope it is an American-themed event and it would be a memorable one. Good luck!

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