How to Organize the Perfect Event

Here are the tips for starting and successfully planning an event.

You can have a wonderful experience every time you organize an event. I know this may be contrary to what many people believe, but it is possible. There are so many apps you can use to ensure your event turns out perfect.

I have read so many complaints and decided to write this post as a comprehensive guide to successfully planning your next event. The first advice I will give is this- never procrastinate. While it may seem like you have enough time to plan the event, there are many unforeseen situations that can suddenly threaten to derail your plans. Starting early will give you enough time to make adjustments and necessary changes to accommodate or address any issues ahead of the event.

In my opinion, the best time to start planning for an event is three months before your chosen date. I have also found ways to use innovative apps such as Meeti when planning an event. I was quick to realize that these apps offer convenience, and help me save money. They are also super-efficient, and that means I can avoid much stress.

I will be talking more about my favorite app, but here are the tips for starting and successfully planning an event.

Create a budget

It is essential that you know how much the entire project will cost. Creating a budget helps you accurately identify potential sources of income and to ensure you can raise funds to cover the event.

Your budget should include a simple analysis of everything for the event such as paid speakers, entertainers, catering, and other essential arrangements.

When you have a budget, it is time to start sourcing for sponsors for your event, or if you are funding it privately make plans to get the money ready.

Choose a theme

You want your event to stand out; it has to have an excellent theme and branding. You can also create catchy phrases, tags and visual content that will attract your audience. You should also decide the estimated number of people who will attend your event.

Select your team

It is a herculean task to plan an event without help; you need a team. However, you must ensure the people you choose have skills and can offer the value you need. For example, you will need someone to speak with the invited entertainers or speakers and follow up. Someone must ensure that the venue and catering plans are excellent. You will also need to identify contractors, suppliers and other vendors who can reliably meet your demands for the event.

Choose a date

When you have a team ready, you can all choose a date. This date has to be researched to ensure it is not a public holiday or marked for any other major event that may attract your audience. You need to ensure your audience are free on the date you choose and willing to set reminders to attend your event.

I should note here that your team, contractors, and vendors must accept your chosen date. You don’t want any excuses or horrific surprises before the event.

The event venue

There are some factors that may influence your choice of a venue. Hopefully, you will have many venue options in your city. For example, you need a venue that has not been booked for your chosen date and has enough space to accommodate the number of guests you expect to attend the event.

Planning and logistics

At this stage, you will identify all that must be done and delegate tasks to your team and vendors. Ensure tasks are assigned to people who have the right skills to deliver. The planning stage involves making arrangements such as the duration of the event, arrival of guests (controlling human traffic), entertainment, catering, insurance and the provision of medical services if necessary.


You must get this part right; many event plans fail to meet the expectations because of poor ticketing arrangements. You need to ensure your tickets are available and easy to access by your audience. Thankfully, handling the issue of ticketing is an easy task for me because I use the Meeti app. I decided to continue using Meeti after my first amazing experience because it offers me the convenience of smart ticketing for free. You can sign up for free and use Meeti, take advantage of the ‘no ticket fee’ offer. I can also use the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) to customize my event tickets and sell them online easily, you can download them.

Create awareness for your event

Now, you want to sell out your tickets right? Get the word out; another reason I use the Meeti app is its features that allow me to share information about my event on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Google. What’s more, everyone can buy their tickets with a tap on my shared link. Take advantage of social media to reach your audience directly and sell out your tickets.

These steps have worked for me many times. However, you must request regular reports. Your team and vendors must send you reports and confirmations that they have fulfilled their end of the deal.

So, get started, time is important; follow the tips above to plan a perfect event.

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