How to Advertise Your Event – Creative Ways of Event Marketing to Use

These are a few creative ways for your events advertising purposes.
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If you wish to witness your event giving you returns on investment, you have to make the right people attend it. Although having a major turnout would be wonderful, your purpose will not be served if not all of the attendees are really interested in what you are marketing. It is important to focus more on quality than quantity, and tailor your marketing event to the target audience. These are a few creative ways for your events advertising purposes.

Go Online

You can run ads on websites that promote local events – which are browsed by the younger generation or on local newspapers that are read by older audiences. Create your event page using iOS or Android app then pick the best local media platforms for your event. Choose an appropriate local combination for the event.

Promote it at checkout

It is a wise strategy to promote your event to customers at the time they are trying to check out of your store. You can let your staffs tell customers about the event details at the time of checkout. Or you may hand over a postcard, mentioning all the event promotion details, to them. You may hold a fun contest where customers who bring the postcard along with them can get an entry into the event. You may even ask for the contact information of customers to send a text message to them about the event. The contact details may be used for events advertising in the future.

Harness the Power of SEO

Create blog posts with interesting, fresh content, having internal links, videos, images, bullet lists, keywords etc. Combine these with other words that interest your target audience. Blogs can focus on your event’s purpose, and how it would entertain, educate or inform attendees. You can boost your event information visibility, whether you have a brand new, long-standing or established event.  

Leverage Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a fantastic, and cost-effective, way to promote events online. These can make you reach target audience. You can easily make a page for your event on any of these websites, promote it and grow the number of your followers. Social events advertising can also be made viral.

Use Word of Mouth Promotion

Once people register on your site or event page on Meeti platform, offer them the chance to share your event details and social event pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Let them do marketing on your behalf.

Rely on Customer Feedback

It can be very useful to get testimonials from customers who are local residents, but can be more effectual when they come from those who cover long distances to come to your event. Trade shows can be great ways to gather qualified leads. During trade shows, you can use appropriate events advertising tools to send text messages immediately to leads.

Use Industry Influencers

Get in touch with influencers, or industry experts having a big number of followers on their YouTube channel, blog etc. Invite some of them to your event page, and you can be assured of having your event covered on the platforms they are followed in.

Market your event speakers

If you will have guest speakers in your event, concentrate on the interesting facts, experience and education of speakers. It can promote interest in people about experiencing a live event. If you have deep enough pockets to get a famous speaker, your event can have more attendees.

Use Present Events

You can generate interest by announcing your event at other local events. Your church and local organizations can help you announce upcoming events for your organization – and can generate plenty of interest with varied groups.

Offer Free Tickets

This is among the best ways of event promotion. You can offer admission tickets for free to the biggest companies participating in the event. You may request that the companies mention your event on their social media pages or to all their contacts.

Corporate Sponsorship

For your organization as well as for corporate houses, having corporate sponsorship for your event can be a winning situation. When your event is advertised by sponsors, it can be good for events advertising. It can also be solid marketing strategy for corporate houses.

Use Local Businesses

Local businesses that are involved in community events can be ready to help your event, in order to get tax benefits. Local business owners having limited resources or not that well known can help put up posters or give flyers to customers.

Use Local Event Calendars

Add your event to local event calendars, on mainstream media as well as online. You can make use of the many local event websites, Facebook groups, Facebook event listings, local news websites etc that are constantly in search of local event listings.

Use Wearable promotional tactics

You can inexpensively print attractive T-shirts with the name and logo of your event, your website URL and more, for events advertising. People remember wearable items with colorful logos.

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